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The Wonderful world of Woven Wraps

I would say that 90% of the pictures I have of me carrying my youngest are using a Woven wrap, having owned probably over 50 different ones in around 4 years!
My love began when Sebastian was around 4 months and I soon discovered exactly how addictive a hobby babywearing could be, and how different one wrap could be from another.
With so many different brands, styles, sizes and materials it can be totally over whelming, but totally worth it!
I remember receiving my first ever wrap, a Natibaby red Hemp balloons 7. I really had no clue.. my wrap was too big and the material was beastly. Needless to say it didn’t stay very long and I was soon on the look out for my next purchase.
From that I learnt that I needed to do some proper research in to the brands and different materials to find the one to suit me, there were so many groups with people happy to answer all my newbie questions that I soon figured out that a size 6 would be the best size for me to start with and a cotton wrap is all I would need to support my young baby. With this in mind my next purchase was a Didymos Black Geckos. This wrap turned out to be perfect and with it I mastered many different carries and went on lots of adventures, it is amazing when you realise all the places that aren’t accessible with a buggy but with a baby on your front or back you can climb castles, swing on swings and walk along a sandy beach.
Over my years of using woven wraps I think I have tried most blends available and many of the different makes, with my needs changing as my baby grew into a toddler and pre schooler to finally requiring more substantial options like Linen and Hemp ( this is where the lovely Red Hemp Balloons would have come into its own). It certainly took me lots of practicing and quite often with Geraldine the Giraffe rather than my baby! Using a woven wraps can take time and patience to learn but for me there was never anything as comfortable, supportive and snuggly for me and my baby/toddler/pre schooler. I would advise anyone wanting to try one out to head to a local Sling Library for some advice before delving head first, go and feel a few different wraps and find out what size would be best for you, give it a try and hopefully you will fall in love as I did.

Here are a few pictures of my favourites

To Carry or Not ?

That is often the question…

At the Ipswich and Colchester Sling library we believe that there is no better thing than carrying your baby, and for many of us it has continued into toddlerhood !

Research has shown that there are many benefits to mums/dads and babies and that carrying your baby is essential to their development. Babywearing can encourage bonding, reduce crying, soothe babies with reflux and colic and for many parents it can increase how confident you feel and your ability to respond to your babies needs. The evidence suggests that using a sling can reduce post partum depression, this is in part due to the increased oxytocin release. There are many more positive reasons to carry your baby and at a Sling library session, workshop or one to one consultation we aim to find the most suitable carrier for you and your baby. With over 200 carriers we pride ourselves on offering a proffession yet personal experience.

The Ipswich and Colchester Sling Library has been operating since April 2013, it is fully insured and has 6 fully trained Babywearing consultants and several peer supporters all offering their time free of charge at sling Library sessions. There are 2 sling meets and month in Ipswich and 2 in Colchester, we offer workshops and one to one consultations in all surrounding areas.

We are very pleased and excited to have joined Suffolk Babies and look forward to helping many more parents to carry their babies. Sling meets in Ipswich are on the 2nd and 4th Mondays 12.30-2.30 On offer from June are ‘Stretchy wrap workshops’ after sling meets at 3.30 -4.30 these workshops are £30 and included in the price is a stretchy wrap (Boba or similar). They are aimed at pregnant mums and babies up to 6 months, you will leave the workshop confident in your skills to use the stretchy wrap and assured that you will have follow up assistance should you need it at any sling Library session. Please email ​​ or call 07547641573 for more information and to book your space, places are limited to keep the groups small so early booking is advised. You can find us on Facebook ‘Ipswich and Colchester Sling Library’ and we also have the ‘Ipswich Babywearing Group’ which is a great group for support and advice.

We look forward to seeing you at a Sling Library session soon !