Meet the Team

Ipswich and Colchester Sling Library was founded in March 2014 to support families in the safe carrying of babies and children.
​We pride ourselves on being friendly and approachable whilst being professional and thorough.

Through the Library we hope to be able to guide parents through the many options of baby carriers and slings available to find the one that best suits them and their family.


Meet the Team


​​I am a wife and mother of 3, my Babywearing journey started when my youngest was born in 2012, I quickly realised he did not like the buggy and found myself carrying him in arms.
​The first carrier I used was the Close caboo which was amazing, I could carry my baby whilst taking his older brother to school and have my hands free.  I quickly moved on to Woven wraps and I was hooked.
​Woven wraps are versatile as well as being beautiful and very addictive !
​I have used most styles of carriers over the years and only stopped carrying regularly when my ‘baby’ was around 4 with the Pre school Wompat ( now in the Sling Library) which was a firm favourite.

​I started the Sling Library in 2014 when I saw the need for a friendly, professional service where people could come and hire and feel part of a community.
​The Sling Library has grown beyond my expectations and I still love being a part of it, my favourite bit is seeing the babies and parents grow and being a part of their lives.
​My day job is as a Holistic Therapist in Ipswich but I offer Babywearing consultations in the Ipswich area as well as being present at all Sling meets.



I’ve been using slings since 2012. My first sling was a Moby stretchy wrap and I used it from birth, even after a c-section. It worked well for us as my baby had reflux.

He would only nap for 30 minutes at a time and so most of those naps were taken in a sling.

I soon bought a ring sling then as he outgrew the stretchy, I went on to buy a tie-on carrier and some woven wraps too and then my first buckles when he was 2years old. I was never a fan of the rainbow stripes that seemed to dominate the market 4-5 years ago and I’m delighted that there’s a much bigger range of designs, patterns and colours nowadays.

I breastfed my 2nd child in various slings and once you’ve got the hang of it, it makes life so much easier with an older child to keep up with!


I’m Maria, I’ve been using slings since the birth of my oldest at the beginning of 2013. We started with a stretchy and moved onto the Beco Gemini buckled carrier. From there I delved into the world of woven wraps which I love! But once the toddler stage hit I quickly moved onto tie on carriers and found my true love!

The comfort of a wrap but the ease of a buckle. I love giving time to help new mum’s, either with carrying their little bundles if joy, supporting breastfeeding or generally reassuring new mum’s that this crazy new adventure of parenthood is totally worth it 😉



We also have a dedicated Admin team who will help take you smoothly through the joining and hiring process.


Come and meet the Team soon